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Home & Office Automation

We're happy to offer a wide variety of ever-changing solutions from leading-edge manufacturers like Ubiquiti and EtherTek. Our products are durable, affordable and perfect for the office with a focus on business security and convenience. Some solutions we offer can perform tasks as simple as turning lights on and off, while others can control entire buildings. Whatever home and office automation solutions you require, we know you'll find them here!

Invictus Wireless is the premier online business for all of your commercial wireless and technology needs. Home automation hardware is just one of the many solutions we offer here and we are proud to have these products available at low prices. If you have a simple question, give us a call at 503.635.2562 during business hours or reach out to us at [email protected]. If you feel like you need a little bit of extra help, our experts would be glad to offer you our consultation services for a small fee. Shop our selection today and begin automating your home or office.