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WiFi and Network Analyzers

WiFi is wonderful when working well, but when glitches occur and the needed WiFi analyzers or WiFi channel scanners aren't available to track down the problem, the solution for fixing the problem can become a real mystery. The wireless network analyzers featured here are designed to solve the mystery by turning invisible wireless transmissions into a medium easily viewed and analyzed for problems. For more comprehensive analyses, a complete line of MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx bundles offers a full choice of Chanalyzer and other diagnostic tools.

Maintaining peak connectivity performance is much easier when you have industry-trusted brands and technologies to choose from! We have consulting available for more complex questions. Our skilled technicians have a great deal of experience and the resources available to help resolve and troubleshoot network issues. Invictus Wireless is proud to provide quality customer service and terrific prices on all of our Wi-Fi network and spectrum analyzers!