Shipping & Deliveries
UPS Is Our Primary Carrier

We have experienced excellent service using UPS as our shipper over the last 20+ years and this is why we have chosen them as our primary carrier. In addition, it is our standard procedure to forward their tracking numbers and add insurance, whenever possible, to our online orders. This way our clients can both track their orders and be assured of reliable and secure delivery. We offer some flexibility in using other carriers from time to time but request that you contact us in advance of your order to make arrangements. These other carriers may include US Postal Service, FedEx and others but they often require additional steps be taken.

Please also note that while we do everything possible to keep our services up to date, occasionally the online UPS estimator software will error and either give a higher or lower freight charge than is correct. Our policy is to contact you as quickly as possible if either of these occurs in order to get your permission and make adjustments as required to satisfy your needs.

Please contact us by phone at 1.503.635.2562 Ext 1 or by email at with your questions or other comments. Thank you