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Routers and Switches

With more than 100 Internet routers and switches from industry leaders like MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Peplink, Open-Mesh, Netonix, Grandstream and more, we offer the very best wireless routers for sale anywhere and at prices you'll certainly appreciate. Whether you need a router simply for your home Internet connection or one for a business WAN. You'll find what you need what you need here plus a provider with the expertise to help guide you along the way if you need any assistance. We offer network switches, routers, and more all at exceptional pricing.

The routers and switches on our site meet the highest-quality standards in efficiency and durability. If you have a simple question, feel free to give us a call at 503.635.2562 during business hours or shoot us an email at [email protected]. If you do need a little extra guidance, we can also provide consultation services for a small fee. Our resources and experience make us more than qualified to help!